Wednesday, May 30, 2012

Larabar-Peanut Butter Cookie Review

Hey everyone! Today I'm reviewing Larabar's Peanut Butter Cookie bar. Before I start-I love Larabars! I've been a fan for a long time, but was made even more of a fan when I got randomly picked on their Facebook page to get 100 trees planted in my name for Earth day! I was sooo excited-and now I won't feel so bad about using too much paper :)

From the outside:

So I opened the bar up, and took a whiff. It smelled a lot like a jar of peanut butter, as I expected, except with more of a sweet scent.

I took a bite-the texture was firm, and yet still very chewy. Compared to other nutrition bars, it was a lot more chewy and dense. At some points, I could taste little peanut pieces throughout the bar.

The taste was pleasant! It was very peanut-y, but didn't taste like raw peanuts- there was a very sweet taste to it as well from the dates. For people who like raw peanuts, the added sweetness may be a surprise. It tasted more like a cookie, hence the name, than plain old peanut butter. The name describes the flavor very accurately! It was rich, strong and flavorful, and the taste stayed in my mouth long after the bite. It had the right amount of salt.The outside was oily, though, and left some residue on my mouth. Overall, this flavor would be great for people with simple tastes-the sweet peanut taste is very prominent, and there's not any other flavor that could be taking its place.

I bought this for $1.00 at the local grocery store. At specialty stores, I've seen it for as much as $2.00.

Pros: Very rich/strong flavor; all-natural/vegan/3 ingredients; tastes like the name implies; nice chewy texture
Cons: Calorie-dense (if you're watching your weight); oily coating; sweet (for people who don't have a sweet tooth)

My take:
Nutrition=8/10 (A lot of sugar and fat, but all-natural)



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