Tuesday, May 29, 2012

Luna Protein-Chocolate Review

Today I'm reviewing the Luna Protein brand chocolate flavor. These bars are by the Clif brand, which makes Luna, but have a sleeker kind of shape and packaging compared to the original Luna bar. They also have 12 grams of protein, compared to 8-9.

These were on sale at the local store for $1 each, so I bought one to try. I have tried some other varieties of the Luna Protein bar, but not the chocolate flavor.

Here's the wrapper:

Here's the nutrition:
I opened the bar, and it looked basically like a chocolate candy bar. When I bit into it, it had a chewy middle which was nougat-like, like many protein bars are, and was brown. It also had little specks of crunchy chocolate dispersed throughout the bar.

My first bite tasted very salty-so salty that I had to stop chewing for a moment. Suprisingly though, it was not a gross kind of salty-it was actually somewhat addicting. I took another bite (which wasn't as salty) and immediately recognized the "protein powder" kind of taste. It was not bad, though. The chocolate coating tasted just a tad waxy. The chocolate flavor was mild, but could still be recognized as chocolate.

Overall, this is a solid bar. It would certainly not be my first choice, but if I needed some quick protein, I would eat it. The saltiness could be explained by the 250 mg of sodium (yikes!).

Pros: Nice, chewy texture; mild chocolate flavor; 12 grams of protein; low-calorie; nice packaging; all-natural.
Cons: Salty middle; coating waxy; not much flavor.

My take: Nutritionals=8.0/10
Appearance=7/10 (I apologize for not taking a picture of the inside!)



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